Amazing tweaks for jailbreak users:


1. AppDye 2.

Adding a splatter of color to different elements of UI all through iOS 9 has not at all been as simple as it is by means of a latest jailbreak tweak named AppDye 2.
By means of this tweak, you be able to colorize several fractions of iOS comprise of a solo color you select, or you be capable of color the apps on an apiece-app support with different color schemes. In the middle of a number of the stuff that the tweak be capable of alter the color of are.

2. StatusbarVolume.

Why use an obtrusive and ugly HUD of volume on your devices while you do not have to.
If you contain a jailbreak, you can access loads of jailbreak tweaks you be able to utilize to change place of volume HUD to Status Bar. But maybe the best in between them is as of delayed is one named StatusbarVolume.

3. Keep On Airplane Mode.

By means of this latest jailbreak tweak launched by the title of “Keep On Airplane Mode”, you be capable of currently utilize the characteristic to snap merely your radios of cellular off whereas maintaining your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios on the go.

4. GIFLock.

A latest jailbreak tweak launched named GIFLock allows you place whichever animated GIF image as of your Camera Roll the same as the wallpaper on your Lock screen of the device of iOS 9 jailbroken.

5. Amalthea.

Among the major problems by means of the built-in HUD volume in iOS is way it hovers in the middle of the screen and gets a hold in the approach of the whole thing you are doing. The difficulty is enlarged at the time when you are attempting to see a video and you cannot see what is happening on the video.
Amalthea is the latest tweak of jailbreak that repositions the indicator of volume to the position of Status Bar as a result that it is on top and not in the way.

6. CustomNC.

Minimalists who are not fond of separators, lines and further visually unattractive shapes of UI factors emerging in NC be capable of utilizing a latest tweak of jailbreak named as CustomNC to create it appear same as how they desire it to be.