Alkaline Cydia Tweak: Customize Status Bar Battery Icon on iPhone

iPhone users must be familiar with Cydia tweaks, as every user would have used it at one point or another to customize their device according to their taste. The customization using Cydia can be done for many things on the iPhone, like the notification centre, springboard, lock screen etc. The best part is once you are using all these tweaks on your iPhone, it is always the case that once a new tweak comes in, it is just a matter of time till your use it.

Alkaline Cydia Tweak: Customize Status Bar Battery Icon on iPhone

Alkaline Cydia Tweak iOS 8

Alkaline Cydia Tweak for iPhone

So we have the Alkaline Cydia Tweak for you here. This tweak was a huge hit on the iOS 7 and works pretty well on the iOS 8 as well.  The Alkaline Cydia Tweak lets you customize the battery icon on your iPhone with some cool themes available which comes preloaded on this tweak. There are three pre-loaded themes called: Spots, Bolus & Habesha; and when you download this tweak, Bolus is enabled by default. Here let’s look at what these three themes are all about, while if you don’t like how these themes look like, then you can always download more themes for this tweak. These themes can be enabled from the Alkaline tweak settings, where under appearance you may find “Themes” and change them as per your preference.



With this theme your battery icon changes from the original one, although it may look similar to the default iPhone battery icon, you may notice that the battery size has got thinner and sleeker than before. It does look somewhat stylish.



Habesha is very different from Bolus and the default iPhone battery icon. Habesha does keep the battery icon unit horizontal, but shows the battery icon in 5 units to show a divide in the battery power. On the other hand this theme did give me a heads-up when I need to charge my phone better, although on the side there is always the % left indicator shown to me. Anyways this theme does offer something different that the usual default iPhone battery icon.



Spots, like Habesha divides the battery icon into 5 units– only here in the shape of spots. 5 dots are displayed instead of your regular battery icon to determine how much of power is left on your phone’s battery. It does look like the spots on the bottom of the home screen which signifies the number of pages for apps on your iPhone.

If you do not find these pre-installed themes on the Alkaline Cydia Icons likeable, there are more options available for downloads, which can be added onto this tweak itself.