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Alarming Security Hole in iOS and the OS X Can Leak Your Passwords to the Hackers


The most frightening security loophole has been discovered in the Apple iOS and OS X by the Cisco Tyler Bohan; any hacker can get an easy access to your stored passwords that have your mobile number. The revelation has come through the Forbes who reports about this wide open security hole in the operating system which is used by the millions of users. The susceptibility involves the iMessage through which the hacker can send the malware file that is in the TIFF file format. If you don’t know TIFF is an images format just like the PNG or JPG.

The hack works better as we think because the iMessage renders the each image which is receives in the default settings. When you are targeted with the malware infected TIFF file and received the message the hacker can execute to easily stored the passwords from your device. The other thing which makes it even more badly as the malware infected file is not limited to the only Apple iMessage but it also affects you email and other apps. The hacker can easily steal your email password, important data or the other website items which executed with this app.


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So there is no need to worry about this vulnerability as the Apple has already come up with the solution to this problem in their latest iOS versions. So any device which is running with the iOS 9.3.3 or the OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 are cannot be spoiled with this defected malware. While the any other device which is running with the iOS or OS X previous version prior to its latest version can be affected with the TIFF file hacks.

If you do not have update your iOS device with the latest version then it is the best time to quickly update your iPad, Mac or iPhone to the latest versions to avoid any vulnerability or being hacked. Although it is best solution of the problem to upgrade it with the latest version but if you are not able to upgrade your device with the latest version then there is very easy way to avoid any disabling iMessage to remain at the safe side.  Obviously this is not the convenient option as the other communication modes such as the web and email are still remain vulnerable.


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