Aeternum iOS 8.4: Apple Watch UI Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Considering the features of Aeternum, it is not very much different from the watchspring, but it can be said that it adds the capability of having a dock and customizing the positions for the icons within the springboard. The dock is retained in Aeternum for offering you a quick access for identifying the frequently used apps. The features also include interesting animation when you tap and hold to move an icon instead of the usual wiggle. You shall be able to move the icons absolutely out of the cluster.

Steps to download and install Aeternum iOS 8.4: Apple Watch UI Cydia Tweak–

Aeternum iOS 8.4

With the availability of these features, you must be curious about how does the Aeternum iOS 8.4 look on your device? Well, here are the steps for downloading and installing the Aeternum iOS 8.4 on your device. Check them out:

1) The first step is to open the cydia app and tap on the Sources.

2) The next step is to tap on Edit and then you need to add the repo of Aeternum iOS 8.4 and then again tap on the Add Source.

3) After that, you need to open the Lamerz source and then find the apple watch that is present within the Springboard package. With the completion of this step, you shall need to install it and then the device will reboot automatically.

4) With the completion of the installation procedure you shall be able to view the “watchspringboard” app. The app will look like an application without any app icon.

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Why install Apple Watch UI Cydia Tweak Aeternum iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

The new apple watch has come out with a completely new interface for coping with the needs of the users within the smallest screen possible and while it has been downloaded by a lot of users, they have found it very much appealing. We bet there are a lot of tweaks that offer apple watch interface or the themes for the iPhones, but you can rest assured that the Aeternum iOS 8.4 will be the best when it is about the crispiness. Apart from availing the customization within the overall device, you shall be able to gain a true HD interface.

Once you have installed this one, it will not only bring about a complete new homescreen, but also it will provide you with an integrated spotlight for search within the homes screen so that you can make quick searches. You shall be able to arrange the icons according to your will and one other feature is, the icons will automatically get enlarged which you use most frequently.