Adding the Android Inspired back-up button to iOS using Activator


If you are thinking about the back button as its reach ability takes too long or you just want to add the small touch of Android to you iOS devices then you don’t need to look any further. You simply need to use the Activator by which you are also able to use ht Touch ID home button to achieve the task. In only required to follow some steps to configure which can make your life easier and you are also able to perform the different task very quickly and easy.

If you have the iOS device and it is already Jailbroken device which is equipped with the Touch ID and the Activator.

  • The first step is to launch the Activator.
  • After open the Activator select “In Application”. Scroll down for a while until you found the section “Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor”.
  • Now you are able to select the given options which are best for you.

Note: There are some recommendations for you that not select the “Double Press” option. It’s because it will take you into the complexity as we mean that press the button and not click on the home button. If you are using the four-inch iPhone with the Touch ID and no Reachability tweaks then I would recommend you to select the “Single Press” which work better and not only good for your device but it is also easy to use. The “Single Press” option can be activated accidentally at any time, so I will only recommend you the Single Press option and the Slide Up.

  • Anyway you have your own choice and can select any option which is best for you.
  • Finally after making the decision which option you want to select and after getting one you need to scroll down again and then select the “Local Back”.

To check out all the action you do which is specified and if you find that all is working good, then it will send back a page.

Adding the Android Inspired back-up button to iOS using Activator