Add more features to mSpy’s Location Tracker app with mSpy tweak


The iOS mSpy Location Tracker app which is recently released and allows the parents to track the devices of their kids to know where they are and what they are doing on their iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. This is what ability which every parent likes and considering that how much the Internet is become dangerous for their kids. However the Location Tracker app is useful and it becomes unleash and allow to run free when the targeted device is the Jailbroken. This app offers the more control to the jailbreak device as it allowing you to control and monitor even more activities, something which is not possible to control even on the non-Jailbroken devices.

When iOS device of your kids is Jailbroken, then try out the Location Tracker app and we also recommend you to try the mSpy tweak which allows you get more useful features. When your children have the Jailbroken iOS device, you can easily download the mSpy tweak from the Cydia. Once you have installed it on the device then you are able to unlock the several other features including the Key-logging, geo-fencing and also able to block the certain apps like the Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram and can block certain websites.

The other interesting feature of this tweak as it offers the keyword alerts and with this feature you will receives the notification automatically if the app is used to find the user-specified term from the recorded data logs. In addition to its ability you can also view the call record and the get detail about the text messages which is send and received through Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp and via the Facebook Messenger.  With this feature you are also able to monitor the browsing data and history.

There are also several other features which you can unlock after the installation of this tweak from Cydia. This tweak also included the incoming call blocking, app un-install alerts, the remote device lock and wipe and etc. All the controls and the tracked information are available through the dedicated Control Panel of the Location Tracker app which only you can access.

You can download the trail version of mSpy tweak free from the Cydia. The trail version is available free as it lets you to try it but the whole extended features are not free.

3 Add more features to mSpy’s Location Tracker app with mSpy tweak