8 Chrome Expansions To Supercharge Your Omnibox Searches

When the majority of people consider Chrome Omnibox, they think about it as an address pub, where you enter a web site LINK and also in some cases run hunts from key phrases on Google. A lot of put on the recognize that the Omnibox possesses so much additional to give compared to that. There are   a lot of points that can be done with the Omnibox, with and also without expansions.

Without extensions you could bookmark webpages, perform basic calculations as well as sales, incorporate a variety of internet search engine for much better search engine results page, as well as obtain tips off (security, pop flies, expansions).

In this blog post, our team are fascinated on ways to even further enrich the Omnibox in order to help speed up daily duties and hunts through extensions. Let’s check out at Chrome expansions that may electrical power even more individualized and improved hunt for far better outcomes.

  1. Better Omnibox

Better Omnibox is   an expansion that improves the significance of your search engine result, because of a combination from your saves and hunt past. To use Better Omnibox, kind #, press tag, then kind your hunt query. When you choose among the outcomes featured beneath the Omnibox, that result will definitely rank higher in potential queries.


With Omnibox Website Look, you could carry out simply that through inputting the word web site along with your search question. The expansion will then carry out a Google.com search on the website you are checking out.

  1. OmniDrive

If you make use of Google.com Ride typically, this extension makes certain to find in useful. OmniDrive allows you undergo your Google.com Drive coming from any Web page, via the Omnibox. Just kind drive in the Omnibox, press tab, enter your hunt concern, and also choose the item (listed below the Omnibox) that you intend to open. You will need to enable OmniDrive access to your Google.com profile just before you can easily start using this.


  1. Switch To Button

If you are somebody that consistently have a ton of tabs open in Chrome, I m certain you understand exactly what an ache that may be to seek a particular web page by means of each of them. Fortunately, the Switch over to Button lets you quickly search through your open buttons and switch between all of them, via the Omnibox. Style sw, press button, and after that get in one key words or even several search phrases to limit your search.


Consumption: sw [TAB or space] [search phrase( s)]

5. Quickmarks

This Quickmarks expansion makes that   simple to undergo and also open your Chrome book marks. To perform thus, style b, push tag, and then kind a key words; you will observe each of your book marks that match that keyword. You may press Enter to open the very first save or even make use of the arrowhead secrets (or your computer mouse) to opt for some of the various other choices listed below the Omnibox.


Use: b [BUTTON or even space] [key phrase]

6. Past Look

As the title recommends, Background Explore permits you explore your Chrome scanning history. This is great if you have to go back to a webpage that you saw at an earlier time or a couple of days prior. Simply type h, push button, then the correct keyword phrase( s). Your outcomes are going to open on Chrome is past webpage. In Past Explore is options, you could opt to open your results in a brand-new button instead of the existing button.

search extention

Consumption: h [TAB or room] [hunt question]

7. Quick Look In Chrome Web Retail store

Well, Quick Explore in Chrome Web Retail store as the name proposes, makes looking with the Internet Establishment a wind. The moment put up, you could look for any sort of Chrome app, extension, or theme right from the Omnibox.


  1. Browse+ For Google.com Chrome

Thanks to the Search+ for Google Chrome extension, this makes the search also a lot faster. On the Omnibox, type a plus symbolic representation, push button, enter your hunt inquiry, and also at that point click on the result that you want to open.

google extension

Use: + [BUTTON or room] [search query]

Reward: 5 additional Handy Expansions

If you presume that the Omnibox is merely suitable for searches, browse through these 5 perk expansions that allow you do much more.

Deliver from Omnibox

With Deliver from Omnibox, producing a new email information is as simple as inputting in the Omnibox In a solitary line you can easily invest who you are   sending out the e-mail to, the subject as well as the materials from the email. As soon as you hit enter, a comprise window will definitely open (using mailto), and also you will manage to modify or deliver the notification.


Usage:. [TAB or even area] [e-mail address] sub [subject] [email message]

Twitter Omnibox

If you have ever wanted that you could possibly style @username in to the Chrome Omnibox to visit a consumer webpage on Twitter, attempt Twitter Omnibox. Just kind @, press tab bar, get into any kind of Twitter username, and after that push Enter to go directly to that customer webpage on Twitter.


Omnibox timer

When the timer is   up, Chrome will show a personal computer notification permitting you recognize. In addition, you will likewise hear your cooking timer message communicated out raucous in your pc is default voice.


Consumption: tm [BUTTON or even room] [opportunity] [notification]

IP from Omnibox

If you require a simple method to see and copy your IP handle, try this extension contacted IP From Omnibox. By inputting copyip in the Omnibox, press button, after that push go into; your Internet Protocol deal with will be instantly copied to your clipboard. You could after that mix this no matter where you d like.



Exactly how would you prefer to deliver a tweet right off the deal with club? Along with Chromnitweet, merely style tw, press tab, enter your tweet text, and after that push Go into. That is that, you have merely sent a tweet; there is no have to go to Twitter.com or make use of an application. One of the awesome features of Chromnitweet is   that this even possesses a character counter, so you succeeded to examine 140 personalities. You will likewise find a pc alert allowing you know that your tweet has been   uploaded.


Over to You

Currently this is your count on state and also share your preferred Chrome Expansions that assist to enhance the Omnibox. Do you make use of any of the extensions on this listing, or even perform you utilize an other extension? Let our team recognize in the remarks.