5 Best things you can do with Spotlight for Mac

Spotlight for the Mac present the convenient way to launch the apps and searching for the stuff and even can give the preview of the documents before opening them. Though the new Mac Spotlight is capable of working much better as the Apple has made it to perform the different tasks and gaining the useful information without opening the other apps. If you don’t want to use the Spotlight features which can be accessed by entering the “Command + Space” simple keyboard shortcut or by simply pressing the magnifying glass glyph from the menu bar and read the information carefully to see how it is useful tool for you.

1. Currency Conversion

If you travel a lot because you have business abroad or go for family trip then there is a chance that you always converting one currency into another currency. You can quickly search the currency conversion on the Google search but the Spotlight for the Mac provides the better search than any other. Open the Spotlight from the menu bar button or from the shortcut and then type the query such as the “50 USD in GBP” and the searching tool will immediately show you the converted results. You can also see the conversion rate in the other different currencies of the world.

2. Maths

If you want to perform the quick calculation then simply type the digits in the Spotlight and get immediate result. You just only need to type the query or equation such as the (19 + 25) in the search field the Spotlight quickly give you the result.

3. Definitions

You can find out the meaning of the complicated words by using the Spotlight for Mac as the dictionary. You just only need to type the word in the Spotlight search it will pull the word from the default OS X dictionary app within its interface immediately.

4. Weather Forecast

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Like the iOS the OS X not have not any dedicated weather app, however you get the weather report quickly about any city by simply typing its name such as the “Weather”. This will immediately displays the current temperature with the beautiful interface and also display the weather forecast for the next seven days. This will appear as simple as we see on the iPhone apps.

5. Locations

By using the Spotlight you can also find the nearby place and also get the useful information about the related place and can get the URL, full address and the phone number. You just need to simply enter the name of the place or restaurant the Spotlight will gather all information from the third-party such as the Trip Advisor, Yelp etc.

6 5 Best things you can do with Spotlight for Mac