ChargeCard: Slimmest Phone Battery charger That Suits Right In Your Budget

Fed up with carrying your battery chargers along with you, or an external battery pack, or maybe merely the asking for cord any place you head to keep your smartphone to life as well as kicking? You are going to enjoy this.

Built through Noah Denzel, Adam Miller, and Brian Hahn, ChargeCard is a cell phone USB charger that could be kept in your budget like properly, a card.


That is developed like a card at merely three times the fullness of a credit card so you could hold this in your purse when you are out and also around. No more rummaging around in your pockets or bags for the best cable television, and having to untangle twisted cords.

tangled wires

When you must demand your phones, only plug it right into a USB slot you could find on any gadget: TVs, activity gaming consoles, cord containers, computer systems or laptop pcs.


The physical body from ChargeCard is created coming from tough ABS plastic as well as its USB foldout is made from versatile thermoplastic rubber.

Formerly a Kickstarter task, ChargeCard is now operating at full speed, offering ChargeCards for apple iPhone 4, apple iPhone 5 and Android (mini USB) phones at the cost from $25 each card.