Lumio The Versatile Manual Light

Lightings fixtures participate in a massive part in generating the appropriate state of mind, and the best feel in space, yet the issue along with the lighting fittings is that they are quite stringent. Light fixtures normally stay with a wall structure or even a ceiling. Lights are the mobile choice however they are seldom remotely fascinatingly designed.

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Lumio changes the only thing that. Developed through Maximum Gunawan, an Engineer/ Industrial developer based in San Francisco, Lumia is the light you may carry in addition to you, anywhere you go. As well as if you wish that to keep in one place, this can do that as well. Most importantly, you can easily store this up like that is a publication!

We located the idea responsible for Lumio incredibly appealing. This is a flexible, smartly made, and working source of light. You may move off one spot to yet another without Lumio leaving your edge. Additionally, this can be taken care of upon a surface like a ventilator or a light style, or even dangled off the roof, providing you the room to become creative along with your home style.


Lumia could be mounted over a cement wall structure or a metallic area along with making use of magnets, uniquely developed by the producer to service any surface area.

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The cover of Lumio is made out of FSC accredited hardwood which is water resistant. The magnets needed to hold Lumio atop any surface is   encased in the covercover
The Lumia possesses a chargeable lithium ion electric battery that can easily last around 8 hrs on a singular charge, despite consistent use of 12 hours a day. The battery for this lighting is not replaceable yet fret not, as it may last around 5 years. The light source, a higher result LED could last 6 years, and also, in fact, a lot longer if you put on thoughts a dimmer illumination.

bagIf you wish that to manufacture a lot of light, open up Lumio to 180 levels. If you prefer it to offer a small lighting, only open Lumio a little.


Lumio  designer is looking for $60,000 to cash the concept as well as the production of Lumio on Kickstarter, presently, it has brought up additional than $300,000. Lumio venture backers that guarantee $95 for it currently will certainly obtain a Lumio throughout the 2nd batch from creation as well as need to expect to acquire this around September 2013.