3 iPhone 6s Features That You Can Get On Your Older iPhone

Apple launches its iPhone 6s and 6s plus which is the latest  and best phone in the cell phone industry so far with the many new features which are exclusive designed for these phones like 3D touch display, Photos Live,12 MP camera, 4K video rcording, A9 new processor chip, and much more. As it has number of unique and interesting features so the price of the phone is also very high so everyone cannot afford to buy the phone. So if you have older iPhone users then you can also enjoy some of its new features on your older model of iPhone. Obviously the experience will not be the same but you can enjoy these specifications on your older phone without any cost. So here’s how you can download these features on your older iPhone.

To get these features first make it sure that you have to Jailbreak your cell iPhone. Without “Jailbreaking” you cannot have these features on your phone.

Live Photos Tweak

One of the main features of the iPhone 6s is “Live Photos”. This feature allows users to make more pictures, means it makes video before and after the snap taken. Basically it is same as GIF and has given new direction to the still photography. But you can also enable this feature in your older iPhone. You just need to go the Cydia app store on your Jailbroke device and install the “Live photos Enabler” tweak. It is available on the BigBoss repo and you can purchase and download it from here. After downloading the tweak you can find the new icon in your camera application near the HDR option. It has also number of features.


Get 3D touch on your older iPhone

Another feature of iPhone 6s and 6S plus have 3D touch display. This feature allows to use the app without opening it .when you just click on the app icon (don’t Hold Down), a little pop up window opens with range of tasks which you want to perform. You can also get this feature on your older iPhone. Open the Cydia download the tweaks “RevealMenu” or “Forcy” which is available in BigBoss repo and you can download it from here. Once you have downloaded the tweaks then you can click on any app on the Home Screen by revealing the quick action menu pop up. You may also check out “UniversalForce” tweak.


Hey Siri

Always switch on Siri is also a feature which is exclusive to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. But you can also utilize this feature on your older iPhone. Simple download the “UntetheredHeySiri” tweak from the Cydia on your iPhone. Before downloading this tweak first confirm that you have enable the “Hey Siri” option from the setting of the phone. After downloading the tweak now you are able to call the Siri anytime and can activate it .Although this feature drain more battery of your phone but Its a useful feature.


So by downloading these tweaks on your “Jailbroken” device you can also enjoy theses exclusive features of IPhone 6S and 6S plus.