25 Secret tricks of WhatsApp you never were familiar with.

WhatsApp is the majority renowned mobile platform for messaging up till now. Other than are you familiar with a few secret tricks of WhatsApp which will blow your mind and you will love them: In this article you are going to know those most well-known WhatsApp tricks to date.

Following are the tricks of WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp devoid of any Number.

  1. First uninstall WhatsApp as of your mobile.
  2. Again from play store download WhatsApp.
  3. Turn on flight mode.
  4. After that from play store install app of spoof messages.
  5. Initiate the process of installation.
  6. Now, it will not be capable to authenticate you by means of internet and it will ask you to select alternating SMS Method.
  7. Now select check via sms and insert your email.
  8. Immediately devoid of waiting for some more time tap on cancel and permission procedure will end.
  9. Now go to the app of spoof messaging and insert given details.

To: +447900347295

From: +(Country code with mobile number)

Message: Email address

It will authenticate WhatsApp in favor of you and you will begin utilizing WhatsApp.

Send your every conversation to Email.

The majority of the people desire to look chats and media on their personal computer, but they are ignorant of simple shortcut that can mail every images and chat history or even video to inbox of your email with just single click.

  1. Simply go to WhatsApp and push a contact intended for over few seconds.
  2. A popup list will come into view
  3. Tap on “email conversation”.


Spy on WhatsApp of someone else:

  1. Take android phone of someone which you desire to spy.
  2. Go to settings>About phone>Status>Wi-Fi MAC address.
  3. Write down the Mac address.
  4. Then uninstall WhatsApp on your phone.
  5. Modify your Mac id to the same as the other phone has by means of spoofing Mac.
  6. After that on your phone install WhatsApp. WhatsApp will deliver the authentication code to the other phone.
  7. Verify WhatsApp on your phone by the verification code received on the other phone.
  8. Now you have got the exact copy of other phone’s WhatsApp.


How to discern when other person has read your message

Simply go to the conversation of the specific WhatsApp chat and keep that specific message pressed intended for a few seconds.


Then on top there will b a symbol of “i”. Click on it and then you will observe when the message was delivered and read.


Stop other knowing that you read their message or not

You can in addition stop WhatsApp as of showing other people notification of read. By this no one can discover that you read their message or not. The single drawback of this is that by doing this, you will not also get to know that your message was read by other person.


  1. After opening your WhatsApp, tap 3 perpendicular dots on upper right side of the screen.
  2. Go to Settings>Account>Privacy.
  3. Uncheck the Read receipts option.

Use WhatsApp feature of quote to quote any message

  • For this purpose you require a long press on chosen message. After that if you take a look at top sector, you will be capable to sight a fresh icon. This is the Reply icon. Press it.


  • Now you will be able to type your answer or comments concerning the chosen message.


Mark any WhatsApp message as starred and locate it later

  1. Simply long press a message and then tap on star sign on top of the screen.
  2. Currently, you can locate it anytime effortlessly as of main windows of WhatsApp. Simply tap on 3 dots on main screen, and open starred messages.


How to save usage of mobile data:

If you receiving more usage of Mobile data. Its culprit may be is the WhatsApp. Images by groups and friends are auto downloading on your phone devoid of your desire. You can simply discontinue this by altering settings. Subsequent to this you will merely download images on your wish.


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Lock your WhatsApp by means of a PIN

A number of your messages on WhatsApp possibly will not be appropriate for everybody else like parents, family, children etc. In a case like this you be able to lock WhatsApp by means of an app of Lock for WhatsApp.


Recover the messages that were deleted on WhatsApp

  1. Simply connect your phone by way of your pc by means of USB cable.
  2. Then go to the folder with the name WhatsApp/Databases.
  3. 2 files will be there called msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt.
  4. File of msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt encloses every message received or sent in previous 7 days.
  5. Open it by means of WordPad or notepad to read and view messages.

Use multiple accounts of WhatsApp on similar phone

For this purpose you simply need to follow the following steps.

  1. From Google play store download and install an app named Parallel spaces on your phone
  2. Insert accounts in it and use more than 1 account of WhatsApp by means of it.

Generate shortcuts for commonly contacted Friends

Do you discern that you can simply make a shortcut of person on home screen of your phone? Follow the given steps.

  1. Just continue the contact pressed for a few seconds and then a popup will come into view.
  2. Select Add Conversation Shortcut in it.
  3. By doing this a shortcut will get formed on home screen of the phone.


Modify phone number by keeping the similar account

If you have recently bought a new number, you have nothing to worry about that what will happen to your previous number account. WhatsApp contain a setting that will permit any person to alter the phone number.


WhatsApp prank of profile picture!

  1. First connect your Phone with PC by means of USB cable
  2. Then go to WhatsApp folder and then folder of Profile Pictures
  3. Copy the name of picture of your friend’s profile and remove the profile picture.
  4. After that create an image of 561 x 561 size.
  5. Make it funny or horrible so that your buddy gets actually scared.
  6. Show the profile picture to him on the phone and he will be surprised.


Extend Validity of WhatsApp

  1. Simply go to settings>Account>Change number.
  2. In this you ought to alter your number two times and revert to the similar previous and not anything else.
  3. Astonishingly on android it tricks WhatsApp for extensive validity.
  4. Let’s say the Phone no. of yours is 8866****** having validity till Jan 29, 2017.
  5. You merely have to insert your previous number as 8866****** and new number as the second number e.g 9067******.
  6. Do again the similar process once more keeping previous number as latest and vice versa and fetch back your previous number which you desire to continue.
  7. By doing this, you have extended the validity of your number for 1 more year. But nowadays WhatsApp is offering lifetime validity started from this year.


Don’t be troubled it will not remove any of your history or delete you from a single group.

Icon of red heart is animated as it expands on sent singly.

The emoji of red heart on WhatsApp is animated and expands similar to a beating one.


Send a message to every friend at the same time.

If you desire to send a message to above 1 person, you can utilize WhatsApp feature of broadcast .

  1. For this purpose you have to make a list of broadcast as of your contacts.
  2. When it is ready, tap on new broadcast and type message send afterwards.
  3. By doing this you will send a message to all of your friends in the list.
  4. The only clause is that the individual in broadcast list ought to also contain your number saved in their phone.


Share location by means of your WhatsApp friend

You can utilize this characteristic if you are lost whilst departing to assemble some friend. You can share your existing location, so that by using that location he can trace you.

  1. Simply tap on the icon of attachment. The similar one by means of which you utilize to join pictures. As of there you can share your location as well.
  2. Keep in mind that you ought to have your GPS allowed for doing this.


Send big formats files of RAR, ZIP, PPT, PDF, APK, DOC, EXE, XLS.

Now everybody recognizes that images, audio and video can be send by means of WhatsApp. But suppose we required to share further format file through WhatsApp. You can send big files of dissimilar format file by means of WhatsApp. Simply follow these easy steps given below.

  1. Install apps of CloudSend and Dropbox as of Google play store on phone.
  2. On opening CloudSend you will be inquired to connect CloudSend by means of Dropbox , permit it .
  3. Share the desired file on Cloudsend. It will automatically get uploaded on your account of Dropbox and you will acquire a link ofr that file.
  4. Share the “link” with friends on WhatsApp . Your friend will be capable to download the file when they will click on it.


Hide “Last Seen” on WhatsApp

By means of this trick you can conceal the status of your last seen your WhatsApp. This becomes useful if you desire to stay unspecified about your behavior of WhatsApp.



Hide your profile picture as of others

A lot of people do not be familiar with and do not worry for this constructive setting. Spammers or Impersonators can download your pictures and utilize it for illicit purpose. We ought to utilize this feature of WhatsApp to conceal profile picture as of public viewing. Follow the steps in picture below.

Go to settings>Account>Privacy>Profile photo and select my contacts only. This is actually very significant for security reason.


Prank Friends by bombing thousands of messages right away in WhatsApp

Simply open web.whatsapp.com in chrome. Aftr that, press CTRL + Shift + J right away to open the console. Then, copy and paste the below given code in console and press enter.