15 interesting facts about iPhone

IPhone is the trademark of Apple Company. The first iPhone was released in 2007, now we have the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series in line. Today we are going to tell you 15 interesting facts about the iPhone whether you have iPhone or planning to buy iPhone in future you should know these facts.

1). Apple’s was not the first iPhone in the market

Apple always launches its phones under the name of iPhone, Apple launches its first iPhone in the market in 2007, but the same name was used by Cisco Company before it to introduce their phones in the market .Cisco iPhone was VOIP phone that is used for Skype calling without using windows. After that both companies reached at the settlement to keep their rights to name.

2). Samsung manufactures iPhone processors

Apparently Apple and the Samsung are big rivals in smart phones industry and always try to gain market share from one another but the interesting  fact is that  the processor chip that apple are using in the iPhone outsource from Samsung corporation.

3). Shake you iPhone to delete text

While writing the messages in the inbox we erase different words which we write unintentionally or not of our use then we erase the whole message but if you have iPhone you just shake the iPhone an undo pop up window will appear on the screen you can erase the whole text. And if you have change the mind after “Undo” you can also “Redo” it by shaking the phone again.

4). Put your phone in Airplane mode

While charging your iPhone, it is suggested to put your iPhone in airplane mode it will increase the speed of charging of your phone and you can more rapidly.

5). Revolution of the year

As we discussed above that the first IPhone was released in 2007 by APPLE Company it was considered revolutionary that brings the change in the Smartphone industry. Time magazine named it revolution of the year in 2007.

6). Conventional name of iPhone

Before launching in the market the iPhone developers used to call the phone with the name of “Purple” This was the codename given by developers to the phone.

7). One third of the U.S High School students have iPhone

Although the competition in the Smartphone industry is at its peak but research shows that the one third of the U.S High School students have iPhone and iPhone has most of the market share in U.S and this number is increasing.

8). Cydia is the name of Apple worm

The iphone user will be well known by this term “Cydia”. Jailbreaking is the term similar to hacking to expand the capabilities of iPhone to its full potential. So when iPhone user passes through the process of jailbreaking, open source distribution system Cydia came out. So have you ever wondered out what is meaning of Cydia, Is it just a random name? If not, then you will shock to know that Cydia is the name of an Apple worm which named it by its founder Jay FreeMan.

9). First IPhone was invented long time ago

Officially the first IPhone was released in 2007 but Apple is working on it since a long time ago. The first prototype of phone was built by “Hartmut Esslinger”. It was not like anything like rectangular cell it was just a sort of land line phone which has built in stylus controlled interface. He has also built the prototype of “portable” computers by Apple but it was never released to the public until the design was released in 1997 and Steve Jobs rejoin the company. Interesting point is that the 1983 iPhone device was resembles with the iPad with the phone.

10). Apple has 200 patents for a single IPhone

Although the iPhone was released in 2007, It is interesting to note that Apple has 200 plus patents rights for a single small phone for IPhone’s technology.

11). Steve Jobs prank call

On launching day of IPhone in 2007, CEO of Apple Company Steve Jobs make a prank call to the nearby “Starbucks” from iPhone and ordered 4000 lattes and cancelled it immediately.

12). IPhone brings texting in town

Mostly people believes that texting is more easy than calling, so iPhone presents messages in that way that create ease of use for its users in texting.

13). First on Air advertisement

The first advertisement was aired in 20 February, 2007 in 79 Academic Awards, which has titled “Hero”. After it Apple aired four new advertisements on June 4, 2007 with the announcement of launching date of iPhone.

14). Transfer of Domain (Iphone.com)

On July 1, 2007 it was announced that Apple has paid 1 million US dollar to Micheal Kovatech for the purpose of transfer of Domain name iphone.com to Apple Corporation. Micheal Kovatech registered this domain in 1995.

15). Problem with IPhone 4

IPhone 4 was released in a new unique metal design which creates worldwide problems for its users. There was some problem in the designing .Calls were getting disconnecting when phone was held in a certain way, and this issue become so serious worldwide.