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Phenomenon app is an alternative app switcher for iOS

Phenomenon app is an alternative app switcher for iOS

If you are looking to change the stock App Switcher then you should try the Phenomenon tweak which has some features to go with it. The new app switcher substitute tweak can bring into play by forcing the tapping on the left side of the screen and the users of iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 or even using the Activator gesture which you can select from the settings. The Phenomenon also offers their users to get access the new multitasking interface by tapping double on the menu.

The new tweak also offers the several other features in addition to tender the alternative way of the switching the apps. The new features included the ability of its closing the all switcher apps by just long pressing or by force tapping on the app card. The users also receives the configure Phenomenon whenever it is invoked to vibrate the device which gives you an amazing feeling when you using this tweak from the iPhone. The Phenomenon tweak also enables the users to select between the normal Control Center and the Smaller Control Center.

Have Your Mac Wallpaper Cycle

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Have Your Mac Wallpaper Cycle

Most of the time you have multiple displays on your Mac and you are very much familiar with truth that you have diverse wallpapers for each of your display on the Mac. However you also wanted to take it to the next level and it becomes very easy and you can easily make your wallpaper a slideshow. Read the instruction give below to get you Mac wallpaper cycle.

Open the System Preference and then select the “Desktop” & “Screen Saver”.

Choose the folder which you want from the sidebar and after that enable the “Change picture”. You can also select the randomly change picture option by just select the “Random order” option.

Alongside the “Change Picture” option there is also a drop down menu from where you can select the range of time from just every 5 second to the every day. You are also able to select the “When logging in” or even the “When walking from sleep” which is best for you.

Now you wallpaper cycle through the established folder which you selected.