Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone iOS 8 – iOS 8.3

As you must be aware of Best Cydia tweaks and how cool and awesome they really get when it comes to customizing your iPhone for different purposes, we dedicate a 2-part article just to list out the 20 best Cydia Tweaks and Sources. There are so many tweaks that sometimes it becomes impossible to choose which ones are the best.

So not going by the merit of those tweaks, we have a small list of tweaks that can come in handy for iPhone users. These tweaks can be downloaded and used as per preference and you decide if they are cool enough to make your life with your iPhone a bit more simpler

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweak For iOS 8 – iOS 8.3

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks

1. Status Bar Weather update
The Status Bar Weather update lets you see the weather on the top of your phone besides the clock on the right side. In the settings panel you can choose to enable this tweak, and choose to have the temperature of your city shown on top. Along with the temperature you can also enable a small icon which denotes the type of weather around.

2. Activator
Activator is a multipurpose Cydia tweak for your iPhone. Some of you would want to do so many multiple things with your phone, like may be taking a quick screenshot of whatever you are viewing on your iPhone. Using Activator you can define a certain gesture in the settings of this tweak and enable those little features like a screenshot on your iPhone. The activator is simple and comes in very handy.

3. My3G
This is a great tweak for users who don’t mind downloading over their phone’s network. Many a times you will not be able to download huge files on your cell phone network, requiring only a Wi-Fi connection to download those big files. With the My3G tweak, you can download files of any size using your mobile network, without being prompted by any sort of messages while downloading. This is good enough as long as you know your network reception is good everywhere.

4. Safari Downloader Plus

Safari Downloader Plus lets you download files when you are browsing on the internet using Safari. If you have installed this tweak already, then when you long press, say a track on the internet, you will get the usual options on your screen, but only this time there will be an additional option of ”Download Target” and all you got to do is tap on the select option on the bottom right corner of the screen.

With a recent update to this Tweak, you can now pause and resume any of the downloads in progress. This is possible even when you altogether kill the Safari app; so when you open it again you will find that the previously ongoing download can be resumed back.

5. Lumos
Lumos is a very convenient tweak if you frequently use the flashlight from your iPhone. This tweak simply adds a torchlight option to your lock screen, which you can simply use from that very spot. You need not unlock your phone and then enable torchlight from the control centre. Simply add that from the tweak settings and you can also change the position of the icon as to how it may appear in the lock screen and also the style of the icon, with two styles provided in the settings.

6. Classic Switcher
Classic switcher is another Cydia Tweak for iPhone users. With this tweak you can switch between apps like in iOS 6, in your iOS 7 or iOS 8. This has simple settings and like in the iOS 6, you can simply close any app as it appears on the classic switcher. This is a simple tweak for users who like the old switcher and for the ones who like to multi task and keep switching between your apps as you please.

7. Sbrotator7
This tweak from Cydia, the Sbrotator7, will rotate your iPhone, and place everything in a landscape mode. In the Tweak settings you can change the direction of the rotation and customize the same in the way you may want to rotate your phone for a landscape view of all the apps or in general your screen. In the settings panel, there is an option to select specific apps to be automatically rotated when they are open. For instance you can choose Facebook to rotate while not choose twitter for the same functionality.

8. Overboard
The Overboard Cydia Tweak lets you see all the pages together in one screen space, which will be seen with simple gestures on your screen. Like you use the zoo out gesture on the screen which will then show all the pages together on the same screen. These gestures can be defined in settings, whichever you are comfortable with.

9. Skiplock
The Sliplock tweak will let you skip the unlocking part on your phone and take you directly to the home screen of your iPhone. This tweak simply skips the part where you usually slide to open your phone, and performs these actions even when there are notifications. This tweak would be interesting for people who wish to press the power button or Home button and land directly on the home screen. May be it will save some time here.

10. Barrel
Barrel is a cool tweak with some cool animations on your screen when you move between pages. This is a pretty well known tweak. In the tweak settings you can choose from different animations as you please, and most of them are pretty cool and gives a good feeling when you move between pages.

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This forms Part 1 for the good Cydia tweaks for your iPhone. You can read about some more tweaks in the next part of the article.