10 Best Cydia Sources for iOS 8

Cydia is a widely known name in the Apple community throughout. There are many users who are using an iOS device which has been jail broken. Cydia for these users who are part of the jail broken community is like a boon, offering them the many things which many feel are restricted by Apple on their official devices.

Cydia makes your iOS device look good and function much better than any other device. This is the perfect platform for unlimited apps, features and to overall customize your iOS device and be at another level altogether. The look and feel you get through Cydia is matched by no other platform comparing to the millions of themes, tweaks and utilities it has in store.

Here we look into some of the top 10 best Cydia sources that are there currently so you can experience something new with your phone every day.

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Top 10 Best Cydia Sources for iOS 8,8.1, 8.2, 8.3

Best Cydia Sources for iOS 8

1. BigBoss: 

All jail broken device users would very much be aware of BigBoss Repository, which is the kind without which Cydia can be deemed useless or just another platform. BigBoss Repository allows users access to all the popular tweaks, apps, mods, etc. Inside of BigBoss the tweaks are categorically segregated which makes navigation or search for a specific kind of tweak that you may be looking for easier. BigBoss Repository comes in automatically installed when you install Cydia on your iOS device.

Source: thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia

2. PwnCenter

PwnCenter source lets your iOS device sound better with the multimedia ringtones this source offers. Check and explore PwnCenter for such tones, and customize your device to a better sound or a different one. You can add PwnCenter to your Cydia sources.

Source –  pwncenter.com

3. ModMyi

ModMyi is very similar to BigBoss, as this comes pre installed when you install Cydia. ModMyi much like BigBoss again, gives a range of tweaks, apps utilities etc. ModMyi is also known for the many exotic themes it provides for iPhones and iPads. This is also one of the most popular sources that is available currently.

Source: modmyi.com

4. iForce

iForce is quite popular among the jail break community for Apple users. iForce is a handful source through which you can share stuff using your Bluetooth with other users. It also allows you to install utilities and other tweaks through this source.

Source:  if0rce.com

5. Hackulo.us

This again is quite a famous source on Cydia, which is popular in the community for making available Installous. So basically with Installous you can download the many paid apps for your device for free. I did find Hackulo.us quite handy, but there are many other similar apps like this one.

Source: cydia.hackulo.us

6. xSellize

This is one of the cool ones that you can find on Cydia. xSellize is a repo for users with a love for emulated games. Be it Nintendo, Gameboy or NES, you can find emulators and ROMs for the games belonging to those platforms. Play with it and have a killer experience with this Cydia source. Apart from that this repository is known for the many apps, mods, and cydia tweaks for your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

Source: cydia.xsellize.com

7. iPhoneCake

This is another Cydia source famous for the gamers. Through this source you can access a number of games listed down in categories and all free of cost.

Source: cydia.iphonecake.com

8. FilippoBiga

FilippoBiga Cydia source is quite an amazing one. This offers you multiple customization options for the looks of your iDevice and offers you tweaks with which you can play around with the different gestures of app and icon on your iDevice. The various customization options also includes making changes to app icons, lock screens, carrier logo etc.

source: filippobiga.me/repo

9. Sinful iPhone

Sinful iPhone provides you with forums and support and is slowly becoming a major source for Cydia apps. This is also the reason why the community is a strong 3000K plus and growing rapidly. Simply put this is by far the best source for high quality apps.

Source: sinfuliphonerepo.com

10. iHacks

Lots of different Cydia sources are known to offer different features. Ihacks is more unique than them as it tends to offer you a bit of everything the other sources offer. From themes, ringtones, layouts, GUI for SBSettings etc.

Source: ihacksrepo.com

These were the few chosen, but most popular and some of the best sources you may want to add to Cydia for a better experience of your iDevice.